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Stronger Than You Think Trial

2 Private Sessions plus 4 Semi Private Sessions for only $280 


The Stronger Thank You Think Trial will leave you inspired to act now to accomplish your personal fitness goals. Our program is aimed at getting the results you want through a training program that is designed just for you.

No Commitment Required

Seniors Sweat

Semi Private Session for only $18

6 individuals max per session. 


Join us for a 60 minute session that will get you moving and sweating in a fun group fitness class. Our classes are designed to focus on low to moderate aerobic exercises. 

There will be a popping music playlist designed to help you sweat through the ages with Four Friends Fitness!


No Commitment Required

Couples Training

1 Private Session for only $60 

This is a 60 minute individual class style. You can come at much or as little as you like. 

Our Couples Fitness Class is the perfect opportunity! Join us for exciting workouts designed for pairs just like you. From partner exercises to friendly challenges, our classes are packed with energy and teamwork.

No Commitment Required

All major credit and debit cards, PayPal Credit, and Heath Savings Accounts card (HSA) are accepted.

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