We are open and taking new customers and will remain open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to recent developments and concerns, 

we have implemented strict sanitary protocols and utilizing recommended precautions per the CDC. 

Studio Procedures

  Greetings Four Friends Fitness Tribe!

 With Covid-19 numbers on the rise, we want to communicate our Covid-19 procedures for all of our In-Person clients.




All In-Person Clients Sanitize Before Signing In at Cleaning Station #1

All In-Person Clients Check their temperature using a wall thermometer in the fit connect area.

All In-Person Clients are spread  6 feet apart. 6ft distancing stickers are on the gym floor.

All In-Person Clients can wear gloves to help bacteria block as Covid-19 may still thrive on surfaces.

Hand sanitizer is located at each cleaning station throughout the studio to encourage hand sanitation during workouts. 

Masks or face shields are not required but are responsibly used when appropriate in the studio.

Staff wears masks at all times.