Is to build a community that empowers our clients to become a better version of themselves with every session.



Is a world where women know their own value and strength.



We’re a group of passionate, knowledgeable women dedicated to empowering you on your health and fitness journey. With degrees in related fields, we craft personalized programs to suit your needs. Our aim is inclusivity, supporting you regardless of background or fitness level.

We’re more than trainers; we’re advocates, cheerleaders, and accountability partners. As women from diverse backgrounds, we offer understanding and support unique to our shared experiences. Count on us to guide you every step of the way towards your fitness goals.


With 30 years in health and wellness, I’ve supported women from all walks of life in reaching their fitness goals. From earning a basketball scholarship at 12 to studying Sports Medicine at Jacksonville University, my journey led me to founding Four Friends Fitness. What began as helping a house-ridden friend evolved into a movement dedicated to empowering women through personalized training and support. Operating in small groups of four allows for individualized attention in a fun, supportive, and affordable environment. I specialize in functional strength, mobility improvement, and weight loss. Ready to make fitness enjoyable? Let’s get started!


Our clients entrust us with their greatest asset–their bodies. We earn their trust with each session, always putting their wellbeing first.


We are a team of experts. We act intelligently, ethically, and with empathy to lead our clients towards results.


We keep quality top of mind. We expect excellence in our staff and our facilities, and we are constantly looking for ways to get even better.


We strive to build community with every interaction so that women know they can bring their full selves to Four Friends Fitness so that Four Friends Fitness feels like a second home.